MAS and I-View Now Unveil Signaling and Alarm Cancellation Module

I-View Now joined United Technologies Climate, Control, and Security (UTC) at the 2017 MAS Users Conference to unveil the new MASterMind / I-View Now Client Alarm Cancellation and Verification capabilities with I-View Now's Video Verification module. MAS and I-View Now performed joint live demos of the improved module which will be available this summer.

The new features will allow the end user to be alerted via SMS, without the need for an app or software, that an alarm event is occurring and provides them a link containing information and functionality which includes:

Video Verification/Investigation – Ability to view a clip of the pre-alarm activity along side the current live stream.

Cancel/Verify Capability – Ability for an end user to cancel or verify the alarm at a central station level, allowing for fewer false alarms and faster priority on actual alarms.

Additional Alarm Updates – Ability for the end user to get updates on Central Station activity throughout the alarm event.

Click-To-Call Ability – Ability to call the Central Station from the notification, to quickly engage.

Carie Small Richeal