I-View Now Video Verification Prevents False Dispatch

What saved the above Verizon store's local police department from exhausting unnecessary resources responding to a false dispatch?

I-View Now technology!

Over the weekend, a little girl in a Verizon Retail store in Jackson, Michigan found the panic button under the counter and pushed it. (See video)

Normally, an alarm event created by a panic button in a commercial entity signals duress and would warrant police arriving with guns drawn.

This store is monitored by I-View Now Ready Dealer, Comtronics. When the panic button was pushed, video of the alarm event was sent to their central monitoring station, NMC, as well as to the owner of the Verizon store. The owner of the store could clearly see the alarm was due to the little girl's wandering hands, and not an actual threat, so they were able to call the central monitoring station directly from the link provided by I-View Now, to cancel the alarm and prevent the police arriving with lights, sirens, and guns pulled.


Carie Small Richeal