Honeywell AlarmNet Expands Video Alarm Verification

In 2015, AlarmNet launched its first Video Alarm Verification (VAV) integration with I-View Now™ to support Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services and the HRGX Performance Series DVR. We are pleased to announce today that AlarmNet® is expanding its integration with I-View Now to include VAV for the Performance Series HQA DVRs and for Performance Series IP NVRs.

The additional options offer a wider range of VAV choices to include- Analog or IP Video, DVR and NVR solutions- helping dealers and central stations to expand their connected home and business offering. Central Stations are encouraged to communicate with dealers on this new VAV availability that AlarmNet is offering.

Get the Full Picture

I-View Now offers a patented, cloud-based central station interface that makes VAV as easy as pushing a button. VAV is a critical tool for making informed, rapid decisions. It allows central station monitoring personnel to look in and assess the cause and severity of an event with video clips that include pre-alarm footage—helping to curb false alarms and provide emergency responders with the information they need prior to arrival onsite.

Dealer Advantages

  • Increase RMR while adding video alarm verification to every proposal

  • Excellent VAV solutions for small to mid-size retail outlets, apartment buildings, warehouses, educational facilities and small and large residences

  • Capture new business in fast-growing segment of local municipalities that mandate video alarm verification before dispatch

Central Station Advantages

  • Cost-effective, cloud-based solution-no proprietary software or hardware to buy or download at the central station

  • Meets and exceeds Central Station Alarm Association standard for video verification (Video Verification Procedures for Burglar Alarms - ANSI/CSAA CS-V-01-2016)

  • Compatible with industry-leading central station software, including Bold Technologies, Micro Key Solutions, IBS, MASterMind, DICE, SIMS, SGS Stages, SIS, and Generations

AlarmNet Integration Advantages

  • Quicker and easier installation for HQA DVR, IP NVR and HRGX as there is no need to maintain a separate relay board, which helps to lower installation and maintenance costs

  • Few simple configuration steps for Honeywell Total Connect IP Cameras

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(Source: Honeywell Security)

Carie Small Richeal